Pet Memories Page:

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The Place to Share your Pet Memories

Welcome to the Pet Memories page. If you have a JPeg photo image of your favorite pet who has passed away, email me the picture and a brief in memoriam, and I will keep it on my site for a month or more, depending on how much demand there is. It is hard to lose a pet. They remain forever a part of us -- the family members who loved us unconditionally, asking nothing but a little food and a pat in return.

Sheba - a special loved one

Sheba came to our family before she was a year old. The people who had her didn't want her, and she adopted us. She lived with my mom and dad till she passed away at around 16 years old. She used to run to my high school and I would get called out of class to bring her home. A border collie/shepherd? cross, she was active and full of life till the very end. She had a unique character and loved everyone. We miss her.

A beloved friend OPUS

Opus was a great cat. She probably didn't like me as much as I liked her, since I bathed her for my friend -- she passed away in 2001 and is missed by her family -- four and two legged alike.

Mork from Ork (MOFO) Mork passed away July 2005. He came to us  in 2002 and was a great addition to our animal family. He is truly missed - especially by our cat Wizard

We miss you buddy ...

Thor was a special cat. A Seal Point Himalayan, he came to us as a foster cat and we just never brought him back. He loved to eat, to be groomed, and to just be around us. He and Wizard shared a special bond. It was hard to lose him, but even harder to see him suffer. He purred when we said goodbye. He knew it was time to go ...

Thor - a foster cat who never left 1988/89?-2002

Puddles was a great and loving kitty

Gizmo - you were the queen, our heart, and will be missed

Gizmo became a part of my parent's family in 1987 when she was 4 years old. She later came to live with me and travelled all over the country with me. She outlived several of our cats and dogs before succumbing to kidney disease at the age of 23 in 2006. There will never be another like her.

Cocheece (aka Cochise) - we'll miss you bud!

Cocheece was with us for three years. He came to at two years old with a limited palate, a bit of an attitude, and some calcium problems and metabolic bone disease. We fed him the good foods and he was happy for a while - however cancer took him the summer of 2004.

George the Great Pyrenes

A wonderful big oaf of a dog - the first Pyrenes I ever knew personally.

Jimmy the Lhasa Bichon with Wizard

We will miss our little Jimmy despite all the problems and challenges along the way. We only hope that she is with her beloved Isobel (the client who died and willed her to me) now where she belongs, eating all the Crunchits she can handle!

Buddy was a great friend of Jimmy's


Myng was a lovely old girl who will be missed

Roo (Rue)

Roo (Rue) - a beautiful girl who stayed with us on three separate extended stays.  Unfortunately she passed away in January, 2007.  She will be missed by Lita Lu, her family, and all of us at APro Pet Pal