More Pics for you from my extended Animal Family

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Cat condo guests

Here are some of my regular guests at the cat condos - doing what cats do best

Chilling in the Thor Suites

Amanda and Colby in 2005 - Colby was one of three cats left for boarding and never claimed by his owner in 2005. He now has a great and loving home with a friend of mine. His "brother" Elvis and "sister" Miss Kitty - now Cali were also adopted out to caring people

Tinker the mischevious Manx

Tinker is my mom's cat, and was a frequent boarder at my place.

Amber and Persephone

Amber and Persephone were long term guests of APro Pet Pal in 2005.  Their mother moved to England and moved them when they had passed their quarantine period to avoid having them stay a lengthy time in quarantine.  They were a lot of fun. 

Three is not a crowd when you love each other

Three special girls of a kind-hearted cat rescuer.


A frequent guest of the cat condos Smudge is right at home

Lita Lu and Roo

These girls got used to us and we got used to them as they spent 4 months at our place.